Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

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Collective Efforts Bear Fruits

This is the story of Kapoordi village in Barmer district. Under the desert programme, village level problems were prioritised with the formation of Village Development Committee in the village. As water problem emerged as main problem of the village, a proposal to make water tank in the village was put forth. The organisation played a vital role...

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Ensuring Good Quality Mid-Day Meal

Gram Panchayat Mahabar of Barmer district is dominated by Rajput community and other sections of the society here are exploited a lot. There is an upper primary school in Mahabar Peethal village coming under this panchayat area where children of all castes studies.

Like all other schools, mid-day-meal facility is being provided here as well, but...

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Tribals Plead for School, Get One

Even after 55 years of independence, Basti village of bhil locality in Barmer district did not have educational facilities. Both the government and gram panchayat did not take any measures to open a school in the village, whose residents were illiterate and unaware.

During an analysis of community problems at village level lack of school came as...

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Sleep Taken Away by Post

Sindhu Devi is sarpanch of Pandhi-ka-Paar Gram Panchayat in Barmer district. Earlier she never used to sit on the cot before anybody, but nowadays she sits on the chair without veil. She has realised the importance of her personality along with her work. Her personality has made her sarpanch of the Panchayat of seven villages, unopposed. She...

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