Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Collective Efforts Bear Fruits

This is the story of Kapoordi village in Barmer district. Under the desert programme, village level problems were prioritised with the formation of Village Development Committee in the village. As water problem emerged as main problem of the village, a proposal to make water tank in the village was put forth. The organisation played a vital role in strengthening the Village Development Committee by organising meetings on drinking water problems.

The villagers were and they got themselves engaged in panchayat meetings, kept in touch with the district administration, and got the assurance of the acceptance of their proposal, but the tank was not made.

In this chain of events, Village Development Committee along with district administration put pressure on parliamentarian, legislator, district collector and junior engineer of water department, to make water tank in the village. As a result, the parliamentarian put pressure on the junior engineer and assured the villagers that work will definitely be done.

Ali Mohammad, a member of village development committee says that he did many efforts to make water tank in the village for eight years, but nothing was done by the government. But the efforts bore fruits when the work was done through their collective efforts. This truly represents the power of the organisation.