Mahila Mandal Barmer Agor

Sleep Taken Away by Post

Sindhu Devi is sarpanch of Pandhi-ka-Paar Gram Panchayat in Barmer district. Earlier she never used to sit on the cot before anybody, but nowadays she sits on the chair without veil. She has realised the importance of her personality along with her work. Her personality has made her sarpanch of the Panchayat of seven villages, unopposed. She successfully has worked in the villages for construction of tanka (large water storage tanks), Indira Awas for eight BPL families, new building for school, opening up a middle school in village, etc. Despite being an illiterate she is doing her work honestly.

During her term, once she had faced serious problem when the former sarpanch played politics upon her in the matter related to the construction of tanka. But she was not to bullied upon and she met the collector and block development officer. As she was committed to make a difference, in spite of the verbal humiliation, she continued to do her work.

Earlier sarpanches used to arrange for the making of tankas only for the influential people of the villages, but no work was done for bhils and meghwals. She worked for them openly which made her popular among the villagers. She resolved the water problems in her panchayat, had the roads constructed, brought electricity to her village, created a water supply useful during the times of drought and formed self help groups. Sindhu Devi has also succeeded in getting separate ration distribution facility for Pandhi-Ka-Paar panchayat villages, which earlier was combined with Gagaria panchayat.

Today the women in her panchayat are proud of her and listen to her advice. Their mindsets have changed and they are really astonished that she is not submissive.